PLAYMIX is a series of mixers created by PROEL to offer in a very compact and stylish package a high inputs density, a full set of features and a superior audio quality, at a very convenient price point.


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PLAYMIX mixers are available in 3 models, with the same channel and master functions, but offering 6, 8 or 10 inputs respectively. The mono MIC/LINE channels feature low-noise, high-headroom microphone preamps, 3-band EQ with sweep MIDs and HPF, and 60mm control faders, for a full control of your sound.

All models feature an advanced DIGITAL section with LCD display, including:

- A high-quality 24-bit built-in DSP with 100 studio-grade presets of single and combined effect (REVERBS, DELAYS, MODULATIONS)

- A 48KHz stereo USB audio interface for playing/recording thru PC connection

- A built-in MP3 player from USB memory key or BLUETOOTH interface

- On-the-go stereo recording on USB memory key

Carefully designed and engineered in Italy by PROEL, PLAYMIX mixers are hosted in rugged cases, providing extended durability for a stage-proof use and they offer in an ultra-compact format the performance of professional consoles, delivering a clean and accurate sound for a wide range of applications.

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